Southern Colorado Cannabis Council

In the Medical Cannabis community, there are countless individuals and organizations that sacrifice their time and effort for the good of the people.  The oldest group in Colorado, founded in 2009, is the Southern Colorado Cannabis Council (SOCOCC).  The council is comprised of industry and community personal that are dedicated to the promotion of health and well-being of medical marijuana patients as well as recreational adult consumers.  SOCOCC provides information and education on self regulation within the Colorado Cannabis Industry.  Other priorities of the SOCOCC are safe access and clean medicine for the entire cannabis community.  Additional concerns are representing the Capital and the overall industry with writing legislation and promotion of a Code of Ethics.  SOCOCC strives to represent patient/ consumer equality and fair laws in both the medical and recreational cannabis movements.
The Southern Colorado Cannabis Council is always looking for new members to help achieve their mission goals in creating a unified voice for the majority of the industry, especially for those that do not have a voice to be heard.  The work of SOCOCC is more broader than just medical cannabis.  They are the voice of the majority (licensees and ancillary businesses).  The Council also tries to bring a voice to policy for individuals who do not have that voice.  The Southern Colorado Cannabis Council is a statewide organization, as well.  Member and volunteer support makes it possible for the industry to continue the momentum to push forward.  SOCOCC’s primary work is in Colorado but also assists other states with their efforts towards legalization of medical and recreational cannabis.
For more information on how to get started, click here for more information
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