CANNABIS FOR CHILDREN: A Simple Book About Medical Cannabis

Information on medical cannabis can sometimes be overwhelming, as there is scattered information online or misconceptions built up from generations of misinformation and inadequate studies.  Author Alissa Lee wanted to help others in this situation by writing a book called “Cannabis for Children: A Simple Book about Medical Cannabis”.  This book can help you learn more about starting a medical cannabis treatment for a friend, family member, patient or care recipient.  The information is geared towards primary grades but can also be used to guide disabled adults.  The book is filled with large real life photos along with very clear explanations that describe in detail the process of cannabis treatments.  Side effects of medical cannabis are explored in the book as well as suggestions for activities to help ease the patient.  This easy to read book can also be used by doctors and medical professionals as a handout to patients to assist their first medical cannabis treatments to children or adults under managed care.  As these situations can be stressful, the book takes a non-threatenting and positive approach with realistic portrayals of cannabis medical care.

Also available in Paper Back, click HERE for more info


Cannabis For Children is a non-profit organization on-file within the State of Ohio.  For more information, please visit their site Cannabis for Children

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