This is a simple yet complicated question.  There are a number of reasons why to purchase gold.  A gold bar is a symbol that you have chosen to hedge your bets against other investment options, like the stock market.  Owning physical gold can also protect you and your family in times of crisis, like war.  Current gold prices may or may not scare off potential gold buyers depending on your outlook on the future gold price in the USA.  Buying gold coins for investment instead of a bar of gold is another option on how to buy pure gold.  It is better to look at gold coins and bullion as an alternative asset and diversification of your overall financial investment.


There are also a number of places where to purchase gold.  You can buy gold bars online just as you can buy gold coins online.  You can buy gold bars from the bank.  If you are savvy, Facebook has many groups where you can trade and purchase gold bars … although buyer beware.  Some of these sellers offer all gold coins and bullion, while some are specialized in either just bullion bars or certain pre-1933 gold coins (as an example).  Since there are many places to buy gold, there is potential that the company is not reputable.  Always check the company’s reputation from many independent sources, not just the testimonials that are posted on the seller’s site.     


Another factor that is critical is if you are purchasing physical gold, paper certificates or investing in the gold mining companies.  Physically owning gold is the safest bet and there are companies that offer safe storage of your gold bullion that you can visit or pull out when you want.  Banks also offer a simple solution as well.  In home safes have been popular but please consider your residential circumstances.  


Please also ensure that you are buying the best pure gold bullion, which means 99.9% purity.  Some mints nowadays can offer 99.99% purity.  The sizes of the bars can range from a 1 gram gold bar to a one oz gold bar to a 100 oz gold or 400 oz gold bar.  Since you are buying gold for the weight, it is important to know exactly the weight of the bullion you are purchasing.  gold (new)

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