While most coin collectors are looking for that rare Morgan or High Relief Peace Dollar, I like to look at the new coins coming out from the mints to find the next round of treasures for the future.  With the improvements of all of the mints in today’s world, obtaining coins in today’s releases at Proof 70 just doesn’t seem as enticing to me for long terms investments.  You need to look a little more at certain details and be a bit savvy.  But this is not as easy as it sounds.  With millions of American Eagles minted every year and even commemorative mintage numbers usually a half million or more, you have to look deeper in the fine print.  The US Mint won’t announce anything in advance like “the rarest coin ever to be sold next month”.  But if you know the schedule you can have some idea of what is coming up on new releases, you can check the details and do some research.


In 2015, the US Mint released a pretty standard Silver Dollar Commemorative (even though it’s not called a Commemorative).  They release these types of coins every year, some years more than one design.  2015 showcased the March of Dimes Proof Silver Dollar from the West Point Mint, 90% silver at 26.73 grams.  The mintage limit was 500,000 which is pretty standard.  This coin honored the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the March of Dimes by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  I am sure everyone is pretty much aware of the March of Dimes and the fact that Roosevelt is on the US 10 cent dime.  The first Roosevelt Dime was struck in 1946 and still in circulation today, this is important to remember for later in this article.  


In 2015, the US Mint also released the March of Dimes Special Silver Set.  This set included the above mentioned Silver Dollar (which in itself is a beautiful coin on both the obverse and reverse … really it is).  This set also included two 2015 Roosevelt Dimes.  These dimes are 90% silver, which is somewhat rare as you can only get proof dimes in 90% silver in the annual silver proof sets but about 500,000 of these sets (with the silver dimes) are minted and sold each year.  The fact that there is a silver dime in the March of Dimes set is attractive, but there are 500,000 of these types of coins minted every year so really not that special.  Not to mention the dimes from 1946 thru 1965 were comprised of 90% silver (even though many of those have been melted by now).  The special detail of these 2 silver dimes are that one is a reverse proof (never done before in a dime, usually reverse proofs are only struck on American Silver Eagles) and the other silver dime was minted from the West Point Mint (never done before in a silver dime).  OK, now we are talking special, really special.  The best part is that the mintage limits on these 2 special silver dimes is just 75,000 dimes … that’s it.  There are and always only be 75,000 of the reverse proof 2015 silver dime and proof 2015 silver dime from the West Point Mint.  I cannot guarantee that the US Mint will never produce another reverse proof silver dime or another silver dime from West Point, but I will bet every coin I own that they will not which makes these even more special and rare … and a great investment at a relatively low cost (under $100 for the 3 coin set).  


To get into more facts why I really love this particular coin is because for the last decade or so, the US Mint has been changing and replacing the designs all of the other coins that are in circulation today.  The penny was changed to the Lincoln Years, 4 coin series in 2009.  When this series was completed in 2009, the 2010 penny’s design was changed and still in circulation today with this new design from 2010.  2004 thru 2005 showcased the Westward 4 coin series of the US Nickel.  Then in 2006, the design changed and again this new design of the nickel is still in circulation as of today.  The very popular state and national parks quarters started in 1999 and still running strong as of today.  This is scheduled to keep running until 2021 and may be extended.  Whenever this series will be completed, most agree that the US quarter will change from it’s original 1998 design just as the penny and nickel changed when their special design series ended.  


But since 1946, the Roosevelt Dime’s design has stayed the same.  There is no special program announced yet.  This makes this 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set … well, even more special.  Sometime in the near future there will be a change in the Roosevelt Dime, same as the penny, nickel and quarter.  These low mintage numbers of just 75,000 will drive up the price of these coins when this new dime series is in circulation.  For these reasons, the Reverse Proof Roosevelt Dime from the 2015 March of Dimes Special Silver Set is my Coin of the Week !!!!       dime.jpeg

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